Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Workout Progress

So my scheduled working out naturally is not really working. Seriously it seems like there is always something to get in the way. I do try to do what I can when I have any free time. On Saturday I went 3 miles-jogging the first 1.5 and walk/jog the second half. It felt really good and it was sprinkling! Any outdoor workout I do soooo depends on the weather. It's not like me to go if it's bad weather, but I actually really liked it. I also didn't have a stroller to push, which makes a huge difference! I also do crunches and a few push-ups practically everyday just because I can usually fine 10 min to do something. Now when I say a few push-ups I mean a 5-15. Since I didn't have much time for Zumba last night I just did the Zumba Rush ( dvd. It's about 20 min and I really feel like it gets my body moving and heart going. Now it's not my fav out of the Exhilarate dvds, but it'll work. One thing I learned with Zumba though is you have to put your full body into it. If you just go through the motions without much effort you wont get much out of it. You really have to put your entire body into moving, which at the time you'll feel like a nerd, but you will get SO much more out of it.

We also finally bought a scale. And so far I've been consistently 149lbs. I'd really really like to loose 9lbs by the end of June. Let's see if I have the discipline to do it.

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