Monday, May 14, 2012

Las Vegas 5K

This past weekend I finished my first 5K in Las Vegas (38:42 min). Can I just say that is was an Awesome experience and I feel that everyone should do one at least once. I am so pumped to do another. Thank you Rina for pushing us to do this.

Now for a little of my fitness background: First off I am NOT a runner. Or at least I didn't use to be, but am starting to enjoy it now. I grew up mostly in dance. I was a part of colorguard starting in Junior High through two years of college. Then I did a few years of Ballroom, which I still love and wish I had more time to do. From the time I became pregnant with my first daughter to now I haven't quite found a workout routine that works for me. I just recently purchased Zumba to do at home, which I am really liking. I've just got to get into some kind of work out routine that works for me. I used to be consistently 135 lbs. I am now up to 151 and I don't want to be here. This is my start to better health. I'm working towards another 5K on June 23rd to support the fight against cancer and also to tone up for my vacation with my husband to New Orleans June 30th (it's going to be hott and I will be in a bathing suit the majority of the trip). I will keep you posted on my progress :)

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